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BlueCard Germany Bangladesh

We are global experts in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment.

We are an independent recruitment and employment agency providing a high quality service to employers and candidates internationally. Whatever your needs we can meet them.

Every day we help clients simultaneously dealing with talent shortages in certain markets, while having to reshape workforces in others. The nature of employment is also changing fast, with technological advances driving evolutions in the way people work. We understand these complexities and are uniquely positioned across our markets to solve them.

Demand to the EU blue card
The new stay title is officially called blue card EU. People who are entitled to the EU blue card EU are the following:

University graduates
Pre-condition for receiving the EU blue card is a university degree as well as a working contract with a gross salary of at least 44800€. The proof of precedence and the proof of similar working condition will be let out so the entry to the procedure will be much quicker. The EU blue card is also possible to get for those who have at least five years of work experience and a qualification that is similar to a university degree. A further condition is here as well the fact that the applicant does have a working contract and a gross salary of 44800€.

Highly qualified
An even lower salary border does consist for highly qualificated in shortage occupations. There the gross salary border is 34944€. These jobs are mainly engineers, academics and similar skilled workers in the information and communication branch as well as doctors. Here a pre- condition proof is neither necessary but there is the proof if the working conditions are similar. In jobs where there is so called "a special interest of non- EU- citizens" the salary border is lower. For receiving the blue card EU as a mathematic, scientist, engineer, doctor and It- skilled worker there is the gross salary border 34944€ per year.

BlueCard helps Higher educated Bangladeshi professionals to further their careers and fulfill their professional aspirations.
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