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BlueCard Germany Bangladesh
EU Blue Card application
Who can apply for the EU blue card?

Highly qualified skilled workers and academics from non-EU-states can apply for the EU blue card as a simple and limited work permit. The application needs to be send to the responsible foreign department. The foreign department is normally settled at the same place as the administrative district (middle administrative level). The foreign department needs to tell the labor department and the employment agency about their decisions concerning the EU blue card.

Conditions for application
German university degree, foreign university degree which is accepted or a foreign university degree that is similar to a German one.

The central department for the foreign education service (ZAB) offers an online- database where one can check which foreign university degree is accepted in Germany. If the data base does not offer helpful information, EU blue card applicants need to apply for an individual check of their degrees. This check is not for free and needs to be presented at the foreign department.

Qualified working contract

A qualified working contract needs to be presented and it needs to be clear that the annual gross salary is at least 44800€. That means 3733€ (gross) per month. An annual gross salary of 34944€, 2912€per month (gross) is also enough in some shortage sectors. At the moment such jobs are: scientists, mathematics, architects, planning officers, town planners, traffic managers, designers, engineers, engineer scientists, doctors (no dentists) furthermore academic skilled workers in the information as well as communication technology.

Approval of the federal agency for work
If a German Master's certificate is given and if the annual gross of at least 44,800 euros or from at least 34.944 euros in an understaffed profession is achieved, no approval of the German Federal Labor Market Authority is necessary.
There needs to be the acceptance of the labor department if the foreign university degree is proofed and a working relation in the shortage sector is wanted.

Permission for professionalism
If there are other regulations for the permission of professionalism (for example in the medical sector, engineers sector) the permission needs to be presented before giving out the EU blue card.

Place of living in the sector of the regional foreign department
The regional foreign department can only allow foreigners to get the EU blue card when the applicants are living in their area of responsibility. Therefore, of course, the permission for staying is necessary.
This fact does of course mean that the applicant does already have the right to stay because of another reason. In all other cases (most other cases) at first a visa for entering Germany needs to be applied for. This can be done at the German embassy. After that there is the need to be apply for the EU blue card in Germany. This can be done at the foreign department.

Documents applicants need
- Valid passport
- One new biometric photo: it needs to be 35mm * 45mm and be a frontal admission where the applicant needs to have a neutral face expression and a closed mouth as well as he/ she needs to look just in the camera and the background must be bright.
- University report: If necessary the valuation of the ZAB.
- Job contract or a concrete job offer.
- Form: Application for granting a stay title (Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels). A residence permit may be given only on explicit application.
- Form: Application for permission of an employment (Antrag auf Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung). This is only necessary if the approval of the federal agency for labor is necessary.
- Form: Work Place description ( Stellenbeschreibung). This is only necessary if the approval of the federal agency for labor is necessary.
- Professionalism permission: only if regulations intend such.

>> Fill-up the application form for BlueCard of Germany
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