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§ 18b settlement permit for alumni or graduates of a German university PDF Print E-mail

A foreigner who got his degree on a governmental or governmental accepted university or a similar training establishment in the German republic, gets a settlement permission if
1. he / she owns a title of stay since two years, after Sections 18,18a, 19a or Section 21,
2. he/she has a job contract that suits the degree,
3. he/she had paid for at least 24 months compulsory or volunteer contributions to the governmental social pension fund or if he/she did make expenses that gain the right to get similar benefits from a insurance or utility service of a insurance company and
4. if the requirements of Section 9 paragraph 2 sentence 1 number 2 and 4 till 9 are given; Section 9 paragraph 2 sentence 2 till 6 counts as well.

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