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§ 19 Settlement permit for highly qualified foreigners PDF Print E-mail

(1) A highly qualified foreigner may be granted a settlement permit in special cases if the Federal Employment Agency has granted approval in accordance with Section 39 or if a statutory provision in accordance with Section 42 or an inter-governmental agreement stipulates that the settlement permit may be granted without approval from the Federal Employment Agency in line with Section 39 and there are justifiable grounds to assume that integration into the way of life which prevails in the Federal Republic of Germany and ensurance of the foreigner's subsistence without state assistance are assured. The Land government may stipulate that issuance of the settlement permit pursuant to sentence 1 requires the approval of the supreme Land authority or a body to be designated by the latter.

(2) Highly qualified persons in accordance with sub-section 1 are, in particular,

1. scientists with special technical knowledge,

2. teaching personnel in prominent positions or scientific personnel in prominent positions.

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