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BlueCard Germany Bangladesh

Permission to the German working market
Foreigners, who want to work in Germany, or explicit to say who are staying in Germany because of working, need a title of staying. This is necessary for foreigners who are not citizens of a member state of the European Union (EU) or of the European economic area (EWR) or a citizen of Switzerland.

For foreigners who are a citizen of the EU these rules do not count. They can enjoy generosity. Only citizens of Rumania or Bulgaria need a permit for working for non EU- citizens. The necessary work permission EU (Arbeitsgenehmigung EU) can be applied for at the responsible federal agency for labor.

An employment in Germany can be done by non- EU- citizens only when their title of staying allows this. Basically the title for staying (visa) needs to be applied for before entering into Germany. This can be done at the responsible embassy of Germany. Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, New Zealand or the USA can only get the title of staying after their entry into Germany- in Germany. The start of work must be after getting the title of staying.

The entry of citizens of non- EU- countries to the employment market in Germany is limited through the statutory order (occupation order). Only some specific groups of professionalism have the right of entering the German labor market. Normally the permission of the working management is necessary. Especially for not or only little qualified workers the possibilities for working here are rare. For skilled workers, for example well qualified skilled workers there is the legal possibility of immigration and a great perspective concerning a longer stay in Germany. From the 1th August 2012 on there is an easier excess to the German labor market for university graduates who have an approved university degree or one that is similar to a German one. The basis therefore was made through the laws of the staying law concerning the EU blue card. Necessary therefore is the proof of qualifications. These are the proof of a concrete work offer with an annual gross salary of 44800€. In those cases the permission of the federal labor department is not necessary. For skilled workers from the sectors: mathematics, informatics, scientist and technology as well as for doctors there are some advantages and the rules of the EU blue card are also right as long as they earn as much as Germans in the same job but they must earn a minimum of 34944€.

An important fact here is that the federal agency for labor needs to give its permission for working.

Easier is the rule concerning the entry to the German labor market for scientists, highly qualified, managers, leading employees and specialists? Migration check: the migration check is a quick check concerning the possibilities to the labor market.

Trainee- ship in Germany
Citizens of non EU- states can get the right for staying in Germany while doing their trainee- ship. Necessary therefore is the permission of the federal agency of Germany. Before giving the permission the labor managing department checks if there are nationwide German or preferred applicants. Graduates of German schools in foreign countries, who want to get a trainee-ship in an accredited or similar ruled employment, can get the permission for staying without the permission of the federal agency of labor.

Visa for searching for a job in Germany
University graduates, who have a German certificate or one that is a foreign but accredited one or one that is similar to a German one can enter into Germany and find a job when being here. They get a visa for their job search and can then stay in Germany for up to six months to find a job. They need to proof that they have enough money for their live during their time of staying. While trying to find a job they cannot work at all.

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